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A wide range of high performance commercial espresso coffee machines.

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View our range of instant, traditional espresso and automatic bean to cup machines

Delivered and installed free of charge, with no upfront capital investment.

Espresso machines ...

Eclipse Range

This high performance range of Eclipse Espresso machines. Stylish, sleek with customisable glass side panels, the Eclipse range can be personalised for your business.

Elegance Range

The aptly named Expobar Elegance espresso coffee machine range combines ease of use with modern functionality and features.

Synchro Range

The Synchro range of espresso machines is hand-crafted in Italy and oozes Italian luxury, style and performance. Stunning good looks, excellent build quality, choice of colours and personalisation options.

Leva Office Range

The Leva design offers a high quality espresso machine, solidly built with a great finish. It looks great, functions perfectly and makes easy work of the entire range of gourmet coffee drinks.

Necta range

The new Krea and Koro fully automatic bean 2 cup coffee machines are great additions to any bar or counter top. Appealing design and appreciated for the high-level capacity and tech performance.

Traditional Espresso machines

Eclipse Range

Standard across all Eclipse espresso machines

This high-performance range of Eclipse Espresso Machines are a pleasure to operate, and clad in sleek glass panelling, will add a shine to any establishment. As standard, the Eclipse range offers:

  • Customisable – side panels can be customised to suit any need or environment
  • Group flushing – keep each group clean and ready to go between brews with just the push of a button
  • Electronic display – for easy monitoring of the water temperature, time and coffee dosage
  • Automatic cleaning means the group head and shower always stay clean and ready for the next brew
  • Insulated ‘no burn’ steam wands and hot water tap.

Eclipse 2 Group Compact

This super performance, high quality espresso machine is perfect for establishments where space is limited. Compact, stylish and easy to use, this machine produces up to 100 drinks a day.

  • Two stainless steel steam wands
  • Soft pre-infusion heads – allows coffee to develop its flavour naturally and completely saturate every dose
  • 6 litre boiler.

Eclipse 2 Group

The high-performance traditional espresso machine is a machine you’ll truly be proud to show off. The machine features two anti-suction steam wands, automatic cleaning and soft pre-infusion heads. This machine produces around 200 drinks a day.

  • 11.5 litre boiler
  • PID thermostat – a sensor provides gentle and stable temperature management accurate to within 1°c.
  • Soft pre-infusion heads – allows coffee to develop its flavour naturally and completely saturate every dose

Triple group head

The Eclipse 3 Group Espresso machine is designed for high volume, high group use environments such as cafes and coffee shops offering a ‘coffee to go’. With a large boiler, this machine easily produces 300 drinks a day and gives a constant hot water supply.

  • PID thermostat – a sensor provides gentle and stable temperature management accurate to within 1°C
  • Big boiler – ensures no delays in drawing hot water, for more demanding sites

Eclipse 2 group

Eclipse 2 Group Espresso machine (with integral boiler) 

ON SALE TODAY is a fully refurbished Elegance double group head espresso machine.

All sale packages include:

Our ‘starter pack’ of one case of Cafe Origin 100% arabica coffee beans and one case of Cafe Origin coffee cups. 

Delivered and installed free of charge complete with water filter.

Available on our Flexi-Rental Plan or Lease Rental from £18.50 per week.

Sell just *9 cups per week to cover your weekly rental 

*(depending on retail selling price)

Talk to Tony

We can offer new and refurbished coffee machines, and tailored pricing depending on your particular business needs.

Talk to Tony today to discuss all purchase terms or click on the link here and call us for more information.

Elegance Range

Standard across the Elegance Espresso range

The aptly named Elegance from Expobar, combines ease of use, with modern functionality. Choose from single, double or three group heads to suit your business demands. Finished in polished stainless steel, the Elegance range comes as standard with the following key features:

  • Adjustable dosing device – grinder can dispense a pre chosen amount of coffee into the group handle (from 5 to 12g).
  • Built in tamper – a built in tamper increases convenience and reduces clutter, great for smaller venues.
  • Overheat/lack of water indicator – alerts the user when there is an issue with the water level or temperature.

Single group head

The single group Elegance features stainless steel steam wand, hot water tap and 1300rpm motored grinder with 60mm blades. Perfect for venues who are limited on counter space, it produces up to around 50 drinks a day. Mains powered. Available with integral grinder, high group and compact options. Unbeatable specification for the price.

  • One stainless steel steam arm and hot water tap.
  • Automatic grinder.
  • 6 litre boiler.

Double group head

Offering 2 group heads and an integral boiler for greater throughput in higher demand operations. Pre-infusion group head, two steam outlets, hot water tap, high volume hopper and 1300rpm motored grinder with 60mm blades. This machine produces up to around 170 drinks a day.

  • Group auto cleaning – auto cleaning means the group head and shower always stay clean and ready for the next brew.
  • 2x stainless steel steam wands – from basic milk frothing to professional barista latte art, they produce results.

Elegance double group

On offer today, is the fully refurbished Elegance double group head espresso machine – a beautiful addition to any cafe or bar.

Purchase today and enjoy FREE installation.

Installed and fully maintained packages to rent or lease:

Rental – £25.00 per week

Lease Purchase – £15.75 per week.

Talk to Tony to find out more.

Synchro Range

Synchro 1 Group Compact Espresso Machine

The Synchro 1 Group espresso machine is suitable for small coffee shops or restaurants who don’t have to cope with tremendous rushes. Also suitable for offices, bars and golf clubs due to its compact size. The machine is complete with user-friendly settings and available in four colours: black, red, orange and white.

  • Stainless steel steam arm and hot water tap
  • Manual group overrides
  • Copper 4 or 7 litre boiler
  • Programmable pre-infusions
  • Can run on 13 amp power supply

Synchro 2 Group Compact High Group Espresso Machine

The Synchro 2 Group Compact espresso machine is aimed at small to medium sized coffee shops who have limited space, but still require 2 group heads for the busy lunchtime rush. The compact option houses a generous 8 litre boiler, making it one of the largest in its class. It also minimises counter space whilst still maintaining 2 steam arms. Compact model does not feature electronic display as standard, but is available as an optional extra. Available in four colours: black, red, orange and white.

  • Two stainless steel steam arms and hot water tap
  • Manual group overrides
  • Compact 8 litre boiler
  • 13 amp power supply
  • High group / Take-away

Synchro 3 Group Compact High Group Espresso Machine

The Synchro 3 Group espresso machine is suitable for busy operations who serve up to 300 cups of coffee a day. The machine is complete with user friendly settings and available in four colours: black, red, orange and white. With a mighty 21 litre copper boiler, you’ll never be short of hot water. Despite the size, the 3 group machine still maintains a sleek image and with three filter holders, it not only looks fantastic, it performs superbly.

  • Two stainless steel steam arms and hot water tap
  • Manual group overrides
  • Enormous 21 litre boiler
  • Programmable pre infusions
  • Electronic display
  • High group / Take-away

Synchro 2 Group

This luxury espresso machine not only looks beautiful, but is easily capable of of producing up to 4 cups per dispense.

Available in standard or compact models, delivered and installed complete with water filter and full training – don’t miss out on purchasing one of these Italian styled machines.

Rental is also available at only £38.50 per week. Sell only 4 cups of coffee per day and offset your investment into this beautiful espresso machine.

Larger machines and a range of colours also available.

Leva Espresso

Single with twin boiler

The Leva design has been heavily influenced by commercial machines and offers many desirable and innovative features, such insulated boilers, switchable mains water or tanked operation (without needing case removal), steam and water wands on ball joints, and many others.

  • Adjustable temperature – each boiler can be visually programmed and adjusted with the display
  • Separate hot water tap – gives the flexibility of making other hot drinks such as tea, all with one machine
  • Plug in and go power – can take power straight from a mains socket with a normal UK three-pin plug
  • PID thermostat – a sensor provides gentle and stable temperature management accurate to within 1°C
  • Two pressure gauges – one for monitoring steamer pressure and one for pump pressure

Leva - special offer

Plentiful amounts of hot water & steam are always available for tea, other hot drinks, or foaming milk for that creamy hot chocolate or cappuccino.

Buy this super introductory level ‘bar top’ espresso machine for only £1,795 (+ VAT) and get a free grinder.

Or, if you prefer to spread the cost, simply rent for only £17.50 per week! Only 2 cups of coffee a day will cover your rental and ingredient costs (coffee, milk, sugar etc…) – and don’t forget the Cafe Origin Flexi-Rental arrangement. 

What’s not to love? Talk to Tony and let’s ‘Leva’ your business today!

Leva - On Sale

ON SALE TODAY is a fully refurbished Office Leva Twin boiler espresso machine.

Includes our ‘starter pack’ of one case of Cafe Origin 100% arabica coffee beans and one case of Cafe Origin coffee cups. 

Delivered and installed free of charge complete with water filter.

Outright purchase price £1,295.00 (+ VAT)

Flexi Rental plans available

Own the beautiful bar top Leva Espresso machine for just £17.50 per week on our Flexi Rental plan.

Sell just *8 cups per week to cover your weekly rental 

*(depending on selling price)

Talk to Tony today to discuss Lease Purchase arrangements or click on  Packages to find out more about Leasing

Fully automatic Bean 2 Cup

Introducing our new partner - Necta

Bar top, automatic espresso machines

The Necta range is a perfect family of coffee machines for all modern hotel, pub, restaurant and catering establishments. Noticed for the appealing design, decorative light, chrome frames, shiny black surfaces, unrivalled performance and striking,wide touch screen and user friendly interface.

Read more about our new partner Necta

Krea Touch

The modern and elegant design of the Krea Touch is enriched by LED lights, chromium-plated push-buttons and frame surrounding the selection area and elegant side graphic panels. This represents one of Krea’s many features, together with the fact that the coffee hopper and waste container capacity’s are perfectly balanced, to guarantee the highest level of operational efficiency.

With a 7’’ full HD touch screen for ease of operation – especially in self-service environments. The new wider cup station makes it easier to clean and with a sleek, stainless steel finish, the machine is a great addition to any professional hotel, restaurant or catering environment.

Koro Max Prime

If it’s style and sophistication you’re looking for the Koro Max Prime has the answer. With the technological spec and design experience of the Necta range, the fully automatic Koro Max is the ideal solution for hot drinks services of a superior quality, with a menu to satisfy every taste.

Thanks to the patented coffee brewer, the volumetric doser and the perfect extraction, which is required to make the best espresso, Koro Max Prime offers excellent coffee and a variety of other hot beverages, including frothy cappuccino and creamy hot chocolate.

Introductory offer on new Koro Max Prime

Attention to detail, exquisite design, perfect lighting and unrivaled performance make Koro Max Prime the focus for the ideal coffee break.

Designed with soft, modern lines, ‘mood lighting’ illuminates both the front and sides and the backlit, touch sensitive selection panel completes the look of this perfect modern coffee machine. The Koro Max Prime is ideal for pubs, bars, offices, meeting rooms, shops and small cafés and restaurants.

Promotional offer available until end November. To find out more, please talk to Tony.

Amazing Ex Rental Machines Available

Elegance and Eclipse range

Enquire today for amazing prices on Rental, Leasing or Purchase on Elegance and Eclipse traditional coffee machines.

Rent or lease available!

Free delivery, installation, water filter, repair and maintenance throughout the rental or leasing period – all this, for as little as 2 cups per day!

Guide to Leasing

If it appreciates, buy it; If it depreciates, lease it. Read the 6 key reasons most organisations use leasing to fund assets.

Download our Guide to Leasing

Complementary Products

Grind, tamp, steam, shake and serve - it's all here!


Espresso machines that do not have an integral grinder need a separate, stand-alone coffee grinder to ensure the coffee is freshly ground before serving to customers. We offer a range of coffee grinders to complement your espresso machines.

Machine Personalisation

Espresso machine personalisation is available on request. Minimum quantities may apply.

Talk to Tony for more details.

Illuminated back-lit panel

Perfect for areas of low lighting. The accessory draws attention and in turn is a useful point of sale method to boost coffee sales.

Over Machine Electric Cup Warmer

It is commonly known that the temperature of a coffee, when poured into a cold cup, decreases rapidly. The electric cup warmer is a brilliant addition that will ensure that your customers’ coffees are not going cold too quickly

Milk Steamer

Perfect temperature guarantees the perfect milk! See our full range of products, selected for barista perfection!

Aluminium tamper

A small item – but an important one! Make sure the tamper you use works with your commercial espresso machine. Good equipment makes a great barista and consistency of the tamp is key to producing a great espresso.

Chocolate shaker

To sprinkle and what to sprinkle! Whether you offer cinnamon or nutmeg, keep the choices on hand with an easy to keep fresh ‘chocolate’ shakers.

Stainless steel jugs

Finished in a luxurious brushed stainless steel, these stainless steel jugs are the perfect accessory to use when steaming or frothing milk so you can feel the temperature on the underside of the jug whilst frothing.