WHO’s behind CafE ORIGIN?

Hi, I’m Tony, the owner/operator of Café Origin, specialist UK supplier of origin coffees, coffee equipment, installation, service, maintenance and barista training to pubs, bars, café’s and restaurants.

Single origin, consistent quality - certified!

I’ve made it my mission to seek out the very best origin coffees, sourced and certified from the finest farms, to bring a truly unique coffee to your business. I personally select everything from the plantation, the bean, the merchant, the roast, the packaging, the equipment, the engineer and the training. It’s my constant search for quality; that’s why I oversee the whole process – from the bean, to the cup! So whether you want to try a fantastic new coffee – or whether you need a complete beverage package, I’m here to help you.

After 20 years in the coffee industry, I feel I can say ‘I know a bit about coffee’.

Our Vision

Café Origin will become recognised as the ‘go to’ coffee company for UK operators of pubs, bars, café’s and restaurants.


To put the customer first - and always

Single origin, single estate – single minded!

To stay ahead

Sourcing quality, focused on profit!

To deliver excellence through honesty

Straight-talking, we do what we say we will do!

How Our First Coffee Shop Started Coffeebeans - Cappuccino X Webflow Template

The beginning of great service

When you call Cafe Origin, there’s no sales pitch, no sales team, no contracts, no hidden costs  – we keep things simple, easy to understand and advise what’s right for your business. If you need something that’s not in the Cafe Origin range, we’ll find it for you. Oh yes, and the ‘we do’ – well that’s my team of reliable, qualified and loyal engineers.  But don’t take it from me… over 90% of customers (and engineers) have stayed with Café Origin for over 5 years. Honestly!