Coffee Machine Rental, Leasing & Buying

Is Hiring a Coffee Machine the Right Solution?

Hiring a coffee machine is an affordable way of equipping your office ,café or pub with a high quality machine

There are many reasons why Renting a coffee machine is the right solution for your business, including:

• Retaining cash flow

• Flexibility and freedom to test machines

• It’s suitable for businesses of all sizes

• Free servicing

Rental costs are particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, due to the fact that Renting a coffee machine does not require a large upfront payment.

Often, investing in a coffee machine for many people is a high-cost process, so a rental or leasing agreement can be a smart alternative to save money.

Businesses also rent coffee machines for practical reasons, since in many cases the coffee machine supplier takes care of maintenance.

What Are Coffee Machine Rental Costs?

The price of renting a coffee machine in the UK varies according to different factors, and can range from £5 to £40 per week, depending on the type of machine, its performance, and its coffee output capabilities. For example, a bean to cup machine will cost less than a more intricate espresso coffee machine.

There are multiple factors that influence the cost of renting a coffee machine, some of which are:

Type of coffee machine

A common customisable feature that will affect the price of a rented coffee machine considerably is the choice of bean over instant coffee, as it involves quite a bit of additional equipment.

What Makes Our Coffee Different Coffee Beans - Cappuccino X Webflow Template

Range of drink options

The number of drink options are also going to affect the rental price for a commercial coffee machine. Simpler machines commonly offer between 4-5 options, while more expensive, customisable machines offer 8+ drink variations and are able to churn out 150 cups per day.

Add-ons to your coffee machine

The more customised you need your coffee machine to be, the more you will have to pay for it. Coffee machine suppliers offer a magnitude of options customised to best suit your needs.


Cost of Renting Coffee Machines

Instant Coffee Machines

£4.99 to £30 per week

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

£9.99 to £40 per week

Espresso Coffee Machines

£14.99 to £40 per week

*Subject to change


We offer a unique rental package which does not tie you in to a long term contract unlike standard leasing options where you are committed to 3 or 5 year purchase plans’

Our Flexi-Rental deal is a pure rental offer on a simple monthly rolling contract, you have the option to purchase at any time or have the machine removed if required without penalty, this allows you to fully evaluate a machine  before you commit to buy or continue on a monthly rolling contract the option is yours.

All maintenance, parts and labour are covered in the rental and coffee is  supplied by our associate company Café Origin UK Ltd. But you may use your own coffee supplier if preferred.

What Are The Advantages Of Renting A Coffee Machine Using Our Unique Flexi-Deal Package

Coffee machine rentals present various advantages. Not only will you enjoy the financial freedom to invest in other areas of your business by avoiding high up-front costs, but you will also benefit from included service and maintenance for your chosen machine.

There are several other key advantages to renting a coffee machine for your business operations.

1. Retention of Cash Flow

Companies are able to acquire a coffee machine without any liquidity, as they simply need to sign the rental agreement. They are able to retain their cash flow and keep track of payments that are fixed and predictable..

2. No Maintenance or Servicing Responsibility

By renting a coffee machine, the level of convenience, freedom, and flexibility increases, as all responsibility and service related work is mostly transferred over to us.

3. Easy Machine Upgrades

Companies are able to enjoy the latest models, as the supplier often provides them with the updated machines as a part of the rental agreement.

4. Freedom to Test Different Machines

Renting coffee machines allows companies to test different options and find the one that best suits their needs. This helps them determine what type of coffee machine they should invest in in the future.

5. Possibility to Own the Machine

When renting your machine with us “Coffee Machine Rentals”, you have the option to own the machine at any point throughout the rental term. This can be an advantageous means of buying a coffee machine with monthly instalments, thus keeping a healthy cash flow.

6. Coffee Machine Training Included

We include full coffee machine training so you know exactly how to operate the machine efficiently.

Renting a Coffee Machine. The Right Solution.

Commercial coffee machines can be quite expensive, with prices ranging from £1,000 to £12,000 and even higher. Therefore, many customers opt for leasing or renting a coffee machine, instead of buying one outright.

In a lease agreement, you agree to rent the machine for a fixed amount of time from a leasing company. Leases usually last for a period of 1-5 years, with a 3-year leasing period being the most common. However you are tied in to the fixed term and the only opt out is to buy the machine which is why our Flexi-Rental deal is so attractive allowing you to return the machine at any time after the first 6 months without penalty.


Coffee Machine Service and Repairs

One of the huge benefits of our coffee machine rental agreement is that all servicing and repairs done by our engineers.

Coffee machine service such as installing the machine is all taken care of and you will be briefed on how to use it,

In addition, if your machine is faulty, you can get it repaired on-site. This is included in your contract

Which Type of Commercial Coffee Machine Is Best for Your Business?

When choosing the right type of coffee machine for your business, you have a few options to choose from: coffee vending machines, bean to cup machines, and espresso machines.